Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo EP 15


1 - I love those two such a great couple never break up...  It seems we will all be in tears next ep  what is his mom going to do?  It seems he is so heart broken,,,,,, Kim Bok Joo you will have to hold on tight and give him lots of your kisses................

ok so i'm actually grateful there was only 1 ep last week, because if i had to wait another week after this episode aired i'd go crazy hahahah

2 - BOK JOO AND JOON HYUNG ARE SUCH DORKS!! We've been saying this for the past 13 episodes but they just keep getting sweeter (and at this point we're diabetic, aren't we?) ♥
And the mother can go back to where she came from. Joon Hyung already has truly great parents, he doesn't need her. Even if she has a "good reason" (lol at this, but it's a drama after all...), nothing justifies not contacting your son FOR YEARS. So nope, I'm not even going to pity this woman.

3 - This is absolutely my fave drama to date!!

Aside from Shopping King Louis, I don't think I've watched any dramas for 2016 that have perfectly wrapped up storylines (imo) and endings that don't disappoint :) The last episode isn't out yet but I'm calling it already!

I wish these two lovely YG artists are paired up again soon <3

4 - Their acting and chemistry is so real that this doesn't feel like a drama, it looks and feels like Korea just put up million hidden cameras and were watching someones love story. Creepy but you get the gist. This feels like their an actual couple and a BIG ASS part of me hopes they get together irl since LSK's personality is similar to her character Bok Joo

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Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo EP 15 KDrama Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo Episode 15 Korean Drama

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