The Legend of the Blue Sea EP 5


1 - Poor Yeon-Tae!!! after the beautiful romance with Sang-Min in "Five Enough" she become so desperate after Joon-Jae in "The Legend of The Blue Sea" , i wonder who will she be with in the final, maybe with that friend of hers Nam-Doo, who knows...

2 - OMG that last scene was just like the movie An affair to remember!!! Also I loved how he couldn't live without knowing what she was doing for more than an hour and the whole paying people to get her food was soooo sweet. That just made me love Lee Min Ho's character although I have to admit the outfit helped. He looked so good with that yellow jacket (drooling).

3 - Joon Jae is so funny. He kicks her out and then follows her around secretly, using the GPS on the cellphone he gave her! He's so done in, just doesn't know it yet.
Dunno why, but I was thrilled by that little girl character who could "hear" the mermaid's thoughts as though she had spoken out loud. This story is so complicated but cool!

4 - It had some funny moments...still I don't know why I haven't been attached to it yet...but as I thought the story will repeat always when you see the coming and going of these flashes of the ancient era...and now his brother will fall for her(if he's not a killer to begin with)...There's something missing in this drama but I have still to find what exactly....continuing watching anyway:D

Heo Joon Jae's house in this drama is so nice. It's even better than Gu Jun Pyo's and Kim Tan's house imo :P
and Jun Ji Hyun..... Still so sassy <3

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