The Legend of the Blue Sea EP 4


1 - yeah right..they say watching drama is a depressed and emotional person..I don't think so..that's a big NO!! Maybe it depends upon the genre of your watching.. I always into comedy - romance drama coz I am a very loving person..hahaha And I admire the their story and style that's why I keep watching Kdramas. anyway this episode is so much fun...LMH love.. love;; :)

2 - Oh yes he messed up big time and i am not in a position to justify his misdeeds . The dude messed up big time and to make matters worse he is a celebrity or at least he was. He does not live his life for himself,he lives it for us because we all want to know whats happening in our beloved oppas,unnies,dongsengs ahjummas and ahjussis 's lives. Their lives are constantly in the spot light and any silly mistakes and the backlash is massive. Now thats the price for fame. But all the same i believe in second chances. I wish the netizens and his once international and local fans would forgive him.
He is still one of my all time favourites ..

3 - And he messed everything up. What a pity and what a loss to oppa lover who loves all handsome oppas. I would have loved to see him in a drama i know his chances of getting good offers are slim to none. All the same i wish him the best.

4 - I will explain what i meant by that. Their lives are constantly in the spot light. They are role models to others and they have great influence. So what they do its continuously monitored and at times they dont do what they want when they want because of that spot light. So if one messes up like Hyun joong the backlash is massive. Thats what i was trying to say.
Nwer i dont owe you an explanation im giving it to others who might end up reading the posts.
Suit yourself i am not going to argue with a fool.

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