The Legend of the Blue Sea EP 2


1 - Lee Min Ho - at first i was a little bit worried about her not having so many lines... but, omooo, those face expressions are pure gold, if up to me she might not talk for the entire drama ^^ i'm in love with the leads and the characters they're portraying, the chemistry, the plot and, damn, the comedy and everything.. this better doesn't turn to be sad or something,, my hearteu can't take it anymore <3

2 - Jun Ji Hyun is just the best. She's a really cool actress. She's making me believe she's a real weirdo for not being familiar with the world in this series just like how she made me believe she's an arrogant and ignorant actress from You Who Came From the Stars. Lol. Jjang. Just jjang. And together in the same drama with Lee Min Ho? Ugh... I'm crying....
I knew it! I shouldn't have watched this already. Now, I'd have to endure the agony of waiting for next week's episode. What could I do? Curiosity won me over :(

3 - Yeeeeeeees she is AWESOME!!!! I didn't know she is such a good actress!!!.. i liked her very much in You who came from the stars, but that was the only drama i watched her in. Now i am a FAN!

Edit: Can you tell me more good dramas with her ^.^

4 - I'm not really a big fan of her. I'm just amazed at how good she is in acting and how precise can she portray her character. She doesn't have a lot of TV dramas. She appeared more often in movies and I could only recommend you "The Thieves" wherein her chemistry with Kim Soo Hyun started there. Lol. And also "My Sassy Girl". It's an old movie but it's a famous one. Other than those two, I haven't watched other movies of her either.

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