The Legend of the Blue Sea EP 15


1 - I'm sorry but Joon Jae's dad is such an a**hole! Like wtf man? Leave at least some money to your new child. He's been there for you too!

2 - I kinda agree with you too. I feel sorry for Chi Hyeon. It's like you've been trying your best but your efforts just got thrown out the window... I really hope to see more character development for this guy!

3 - Aww... the ending was sad and lovely. Ironic, isn't it? Se Hwa just wanted to be with Dam Ryeong even in the afterlife. T^T I think she also decided to do that (the stabbing) because although she had been alive, she is nothing without him.

But on the other hand... you may think that Dam Ryeong's death was futile but you know... if she wasn't saved by Dam Ryeong... I think he would have done the same thing - stabbing himself too. Love keeps them united until death and fate continued. * shed a tear*

I don't know if you get it xDD

Anyways... I think SHIM CHUNG already received her blessing INDIRECTLY from JOON JAE'S MOM!!!

4 - FINALLY! There are only many so many instances until he finally meets his mom. That's the only thing I hate about Korean dramas. Draaaaag everything. he could have met his mom like 5 episodes ago.

Also Mae Do young need to take his son and just run away with that crazy MRS STEAL YOUR MAN lady. Loved it when Hae Joon Jae's Omoni put her in her place. WANJAN DAEBAK !

AMTUN, Lee Min Ho is a babe...
The camera angles are SUBLIME! *I love it when the camera zooms into their faces.*
Sim Cheong's facial expressions give me life
This show just give me life...
This soundtrack JUST GIVES ME LIFE!


Ps. Is it only me who thinks that is was Nam Doo who killed Dam Ryeong. He was kinda sus from how he treated Cheong when he found out she was a mermaid. BUT we can only hope for the best.

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