The Legend of the Blue Sea EP 14


1 - him talking to her inner voice and then getting annoyed because she's too 'talkative' is the sweetest and cutest thing ever... though, who am i kidding, Heo Joonjae himself is the sweetest thing ever ^^

Previous sauna scene n now the inner voice ..They just so cute together ^^
Heo Joon Jae .. Heo Joon Jae.. Heo Joon Jae ... grrrrr auwmmmm >.<

2 - Watching Legend of the blue sea and Weightlifting fairy Kim Bok Joo every Wed & Thu after subt Thu & Fri at Drama4U, and both of this drama the ending really gives me the mood of holiday(NO CLIFHANGER)...
Kisseu as Xmas gift for me..

I love that the whole "hearing her thoughts" thing transferred from cute and convenient to obnoxiously constant--keeping it real, kdrama, keeping it real.

3 - Why the hell is Joon Jae not revealing everything to Cheong...If he just say it out that he know about her being a mermiad and loves her just the same, and there i a psychotic killer out to get them...he can also be vigilant and take care of herself!!
It was ok earlier when he was just having a blast reading her thoughts and all...but its literally a matter of life and death now!! *smh*

4 - yeah... i was getting 'tired' of the run-around and soooooo relieved with that ending... they need to get it together and fight off the Baddies.... good enough he can read her thoughts.... single, open and dedicated line of communication... okay... even if it's one-sided, at near range.. lol :D

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The Legend of the Blue Sea EP 14 KDrama The Legend of the Blue Sea Episode 14 Korean Drama

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