The Legend of the Blue Sea EP 13


1 - That criminal was dumb in the past, and he's still dumb, now!  All he had to do was turn the hose on her legs.  It baffles me that he hasn't already been caught.

2 - Love the way shim handled that psychopath while she was kidnapped, he ran for his life LOL...she totally became like se hwa in the past !

3 - they really showed the downsides of being able to read people's thoughts in this episode! XD, but seriously though, why doesn't joon jae just tell her he can hear her thoughts? haha XD.

love it too, they make a perfect pair but jjh was already married and just delivered their 1st baby last feb. 

I don't want to, but i'm starting to like Si Ah (T.T) she offers some comedic relief and her character reminds me of Tae Yi-Ryeong in Master's Sun and Seo Na Yoon in Protect the Boss.

lol, love how "Elisaaaabethhh"'s mum went ham on that golddigging ^$£$% when she was drunk. that woman sickens me, killing all her husbands because of riches.

4 - Somehow though, when I am watching this drama, I only focus on the characters. It's because they play their roles so well, you could almost believe it's their reality.  Their real life information becomes insignificant and fades into the background..


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