The Legend of the Blue Sea EP 12


1 - I am glad that he remembered!
One of the funniest part were when joon jae's friend was pretending to love that sister-in-law so that they can run away from that home :) Cute!

I love that the whole "hearing her thoughts" thing transferred from cute and convenient to obnoxiously constant--keeping it real, kdrama, keeping it real.

2 - This is shaping up to be one of LMH's best performances since Heirs. He IS this role. I loved him in GB's, and it's been a while since he did a drama series. He is STILL the Flower Boy King, but now he's morphed into a full grown ass man! He is so easy to look at.....LOL! Anyway, dap to KA for being back online.......we missed you A LOT. See you next week Mermaid freaks!

3 - Yes, it's on time today :) (on time=early evening EST, late afternoon Pacific time, etc--the normal time DF releases most shows)... Technically, having it HARD subbed (timing is glitchy with my bad bandwidth+old gadget) any time is on time since we aren't paying, so TY DF, twice as much today since I've been anxious for this ep all day!!

I really regret not having any acting skills lol, i think it's the best job XD You can be married yet "fake kiss other actors" XD Yes im jealous, THAT WAS THE HOTTEST DAMN KISS I'V SEEN IN A WHILE!! :D <3 The onscreen chemistry is definitely on fire with these two lol

4 - I can't get enough in Fairy and here come again the Legend....Sweetness overload this week

This is so good!! but ohmygosh, I just thought of something, what if ma dae young is chi hyun's father? Lol maybe that's a stretch, it just seems suspicious that the wife is so close to him, anyways can't wait for next week to come:)) Merry Christmas <33

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The Legend of the Blue Sea EP 12 KDrama The Legend of the Blue Sea Episode 12 Korean Drama

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