The Legend of the Blue Sea EP 11


1 - HahahHa chingu trust me you will see our baby conman in a different light altogether. That i want to take you to bed look totally rocked me and the choreography omg i almost had a heart attack. Watch cross gene MV called amazing bad lady...our baby conman was such a naughty naughty baby....oozing sex omg i am getting all hormonal on you

2 - I just saw the video...ok he's nice but i don't know what I expected but I found him nothing extraordinary...I liked more the last video of BTS of Blood sweat and tears...that was calling hot from afarXDD

3 - Wow.... Those school girls are lucky!!! Wouldn't mind being such a side character also...

4 - I know this drama bcause I stumble upon the ost mv in youtube, I told myself to wait till it's completed, but I couldnt help myself so I try to watch it if it suit my taste and before I knew it, I finished watching 10 episode in one go, now what I'm I supposed to do? I'm so in love with this drama that I feel like dying while waiting for an update. LOL. I wonder if the writer of this drama is the same with My Love From The Star, bcause I feel those same excitement and anticipation. Jun Ji Hyun acting is really great, usually when I watch kdrama, I cant stand the female character, I really hate it when the character is acting all cute and cuddly, or so pure and innocent to the point of being stupid, but Jun Ji Hyun is so natural, I'm a woman and I think she is cute too, even when she act as Cheon Song Yi in My Love From The Stars, I didnt get annoyed at all.

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The Legend of the Blue Sea EP 11 KDrama The Legend of the Blue Sea Episode 11 Korean Drama

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