Secret Forest

Title: 비밀의 숲 / Secret Forest
Chinese Title: 秘密森林
Also Known as: Forest of Secrets
Genre: Thriller, Mystery, Legal

Episode: 16


This drama is a pre-produced drama. It’s about a chase thriller where a prosecutor who has lost his emotions explores the secrets inside the prosecution office and chases the real criminals along with a righteous police officer.

Reviews Secret Forest Korean Drama with eng sub

1 - Wow this sounds great! I really enjoyed the lack of emotion plot in Beautiful Mind and I'm a fan of law dramas in general. Really looking foreward to this.

2 - Ohhhh this sounds really interesting. Bae Doo Na is a really good actress and this plot seems to fit her style of acting well. One of these days I'll have time to learn Korean so I don't have to wait for subs!

3 - Bae Doo Naaaaa! people. This is the woman in sense8. Where the subs at? subbers? This drama is gonna be lit.

4 - This sounds like another great drama lol cant wait

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