Running Man EP 334


1 - For the past few years, Running Man has been playing the best part as my stress relief and happiness. I'm sorry for being selfish that I still want Running Man to keep on going, I was space out and shocked when I read the news of the show coming to an end.
For the 7 years together making the viewers laugh, giving us such a memorable moments to keep and we could never forget. For the times Running Man members got injured and was edited out and the fact that they don't even have time to fully recover because their priority is to make others laugh. It was tough for them to put their very best in every episode, and It might be tougher for them knowing that the show is coming to and end, but I am thankful for the hard work and effort you put through each week to make the best of Running Man.
I will still continue to support each Running Man Members even after the show ends. I'm sad the show is coming to end, but mostly grateful and thankful that this show was created. Thank you for your hard work and effort throughout the 7 years and I love you for that that.

2 - I used to talk with my friend that... If one day RM is gone !! How do u feel?? I told her my life will not b the same without RM

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Running Man EP 334 KDrama Running Man Episode 334 Korean Drama

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