Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim EP 9


1 - Our beautiful couple is getting warmer, it seems (yay). The Chinese girl that helps at the hospital is super smart (I'm not surprised!) and I'm rooting for her to succeed. Master Kim and Nurse Oh should go on a date and that nurse/doctor who punched the annoying investigation dude was the real MVP.

In Beom could redeem himself in my eyes... Getting there.

That ending though! Crazy situation!

2 - Dr Yoon is determine for a new chapter in her life and Dr kang is there welcoming her , Asssaaa!!
And the ending, there were presented with a major surprise. The timing just perfect. Looking forward for tomorrow dynamic duo.
About the Chinese lady, since she is eyeing for Dr Kang, I know there is something more about her, but never tot she gonna be that important, u go girl !!

3 - yea-ha!! ironic but 'perfect' timing for Drs Kang & Yoon to roll up their sleeves and save the patients waiting for them... put all the fears/worries aside and just dive in to what they're professionally trained to do....
that sweet sweeeeet Chinese lady, i like to see her role is growing here... maybe she was part of an Exchange student or Dr Kang saved someone she knows/loves before... excited to see her development but.... poor Eun Tak, he finally saw how enamoured she is towards Dr Kang... and soon after, she did an intubation all by herself! and even diagnosed correctly... they don't know it yet but surely later on... Dr Nam's gonna say he saw her go through the Surgery book.. also how she was feeling up the patient's neck... ooohhhh tmrw come quick!! :D

4 - hahaha don't messing up with kdrama land timing. it is perfect to the second of it >.<
At least nowadays we hardly see the scene where the bad guy just happen to be there lurking behind the door eavesdropping and reveal all the good guy's master plan.
Tomorrow will definitely come except it take bit longer and weekend is farther away. brace ourselves for the next 2 months :D

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