Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim EP 8


1 - This episode :'( :'( It was so emotional. I felt bad for the father and was deeply moved by what I saw but the moment Master Kim spoke to the little girl assuring to heal her was when tears flowed down my eyes. His selfless gesture moved me so much I couldn't contain my emotions. This drama is so amazing. It is so UNpredictable it always ALWAYS amazes me.

2 - Feel sad for dr. Yoon, she keeps trying to be recognized by dr. Do… but what? A dog? Seriously? ¬¬

Finally! That’s what I was talking about. You (dr. Kim) can simply tell him (dr. kang) what he has to improve, so he’ll reflect and (as in everything else he does) try his best to correct it. There’s no need to treat him like a scumbag every time.

Dr. Kim was surprisingly full of compliments today, it took 8 episodes for that but… yeahhh, good boy!

3 - The more I watch this drama the more I fall for this drama. I crave for more with every episode. ❤️ I have never seen such intense, gripping medical drama like ever! And trust me I have seen many medical dramas. Teacher Kim is still an enigma to me. Loving it too much! How can I wait till next week??

4 - The look of fear on Dong Joo's face when Seo Jeong is being held hostage is fucking precious! My heart, good Lord. I watched the raw version earlier, and my hypothesis was right. Called it! HEY JUDE! When Mr. Goo posted up in front of the ICU, like yeah let someone try it. Mr. Goo is adorable. I need more Dong won't you come my wayyyy. In Beom has permanent Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson face. In Beom, you are not the brother! Maybe? Shit, idk. That other head nurse has not lifted a finger to do a damned thing. Let me have your job! Oh shit it's about to go down. I'm such a whore, I was really hoping for a "I could have died and all I could think about was you" makeout session. Let me slow my roll. Look at Dong Joo's smirk. Kyak! Till next week!

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