Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim EP 7


1 - Ok Master Kim we need to talk, you seriously need to cut down whatever your up to with Dong Joo like why would you do that? You only saw that guy's (I don't like him and his one raised eyebrow all the time) skills but that's because you have never given Dong Joo a chance to prove himself to you omg!!!! And that nurse squad is just so annoying! I LOVE THIS DRAMA SO MUCH I CRY!

2 - ikr!!!!! Master Kim is sooooo annoying goshhhhh I HATE HIM!!! how dare he shout at Dong Joo, its like he just hates Dong Joo for no reason from the first time he saw him, and finds anything just to pick on him without giving him a chance, he's such a bully! so childish!

3 - As a teacher I have to agree with what you say. It's good to challenge a student, and yes you have to be honest about what they need to work on to improve. But the way you do it is of the utmost importance. The teacher should first acknowledge their efforts, and everything they do well to motivate them, before mentioning their failings, and not stress just the failings, making them feel like losers which might lead them to quit the effort altogether.

4 - Fine! he's a legendary surgeon alright, but he's also legendary for being a jerk. Why is master kim always looking down on our leads? -.- . I like he's character at first. And i thought he's acting like a jerk for dong joo to learn something from him, but nahh.. he just want to humiliate him and make him quit the job. and as for our chinese girl shes so pretty <3

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