Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim EP 6


1 - I hope all doctors and medical staff are as efficient as them.. not giving up until the end..with outdated equipments, Doldam staff is GOLD

2 - why is Pyo Na Ri's step mom here?! why are u stalking me when I'm trying to move on and forget u.... why must u haunt me?! and not to mention Ji Hae soo's bestfriend from It's okay, thats love?

3 - I know I'm not the only one who's craving for more romance between Dr Yoon and Dr Kang but I am also glad that this series slowly builds them first as individuals before they can take the steps towards a relationship. This show definitely deserve all the love it has been receiving :) Hopefully they keep it up and get thru the 20 percent mark on the ratings! Fighting!!

4 - The writer of this drama has a refreshing way of unweaving a story. I am so intrigued with the way the story unfolds! Also, there are many interesting, intricate characters, who are neither good nor bad. At the moment, I really like President Do's raging scenes hahahaha.

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Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim EP 6 KDrama Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim Episode 6 Korean Drama

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