Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim EP 5


1 - Love rival comes!! This is getting so much interesting. I am loving this drama more and more.Watching Teacher Kim and Dr. Kang doing a combine surgery is too good! Can't wait for tonight's episode..

2 - this was one of the most heart-warming episodes. I liked it just the perfect one to sit with a cup of make sure you have a strong stomach for that, and make sure you don't spit it
and may I say flower boy is still the best and also MAY I SAY that President Do's son is FINE! hes perfect, that height look, hair, and a doctor but the son of a really horrible man.

3 - This drama knocks Doctors off the field.........gone. I love the humor, the OhShit! moments, the intense stare downs, and the twisted intrigues. It gets more interesting and gains more depth every episode. We're about to see the backstory come to the forefront! Can't wait.........

4 - Doctors to me was the same old worn out trope. It lacked depth and relied on the actors, mainly PSH to carry it. It was repetitive and lacked the medical knowledge and procedures to be accurate. (Who in the hell as a surgeon has fingernails with gemstones on them in a surgery? PSH of course). It failed to resonate with me and I dropped it at episode nine...........tried a few later, just couldn't commit. It truly was over rated.


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