Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim EP 4


1 - Now this is a medical drama! this will probably be one of my favorites this year. I like the fact that the story does not simply revolve around a romance between two doctors, but it is about a highly-skilled genius with an extraordinary personality. Looking forward to more of this!

2 - Kyaaa! I wasn't really sure about this drama, until this episode. The writing is good, and the acting, superb! Overall, I really like the fact that all three main characters are not flawless. I can neither deny Han Suk Kyu's charisma, nor the energetic chemistry between the two younger, broken doctors played by Seo Hyun Jin and Yoo Yeon Seok. For me, Yoo Yeon Seok stole the attention this episode. I was with his character through his rollercoaster of emotions - from his (frequent) outbursts of anger, compounding confusion, and later on, admiration towards Dr Kim. This drama makes my heart race; I hope it continues to progress well!

3 - this drama is seriously so good

i love all the characters so much and the plot is soo unique. im excited for the romance tho and its clear that its building hhehehehehhe

4 - I really love him, people act like he’s just a rude and arrogant dude but I see him as a straightforward guy who tries his best at what he’s doing. I see no wrong to the fact that he expects to be recognized for his work. Beside, he doesn’t mind to recognize others abilities, his mistakes or to say sorry for it. A kind of sincerity that I really appreciate!
I know they’re making him overreact a few times and the medical part might be lacking a bit (like when instead of take care of the guy burned they prefer to spend time looking at each other), but I’m really enjoying it. Now that he has found his “mentor” and that she’ll open up more to him will just get better :)

Btw, thanks a lot subbers!

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Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim EP 4 KDrama Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim Episode 4 Korean Drama

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