Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim EP 3


1 - I have to give it to this drama, its one of the best dramas that is playing at the moment. The male lead is an amazing actor and Teacher Kim I cant wait to find his story and to top it all of he is the one who told the main lead to become a doctor and get revenge that way!

From episode one this drama hasn't failed to amaze me! :)
This one looks like it will be better than DOCTORS!

2 - It's times like these that I wish we could have one episode per day... Damn it!! I'm loving this so far. This drama doesn't shy away from being graphic and sometimes triggering. I'm not squeamish, so I can appreciate that. It gives me an adrenaline rush. I'm loving the chemistry between Dr. Kang and Crazy Whale (that nickname tho rofl I can't). There's some unresolved feelings there. I can't wait to see how they'll deal with them. I have a feeling Master Kim is being extremely hard on Dr. Cutie because he knows he has potential. I wonder if he remembers him and just wants him to rise above... To be "better". Hope we find out more about the mysterious Dr. soon.

This is LIT.

3 - Master Kim reminds me of House, brilliant but terribly flawed, highly dysfunctional and deeply scarred. The two younger doctors are painfully broken as well. And those doctors from the bigger hospital have lost their humanity. It paints a dark, ugly picture, doesn't it? But this drama is beautifully shot and the acting is affecting so I'm sticking with it.

4 - to forgo that drive out to grovel for his old job back... only to have the patient die on him... really harsh reality there... still glad Dr Kang didn't leave... that President is not keen to have him back... reason he got chucked out was to give way to his son anyway....

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Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim EP 3 KDrama Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim Episode 3 Korean Drama

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