Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim EP 20


1 - That ending scene! I love it! How am I supposed to survive a week waiting for episode 20 with an ending like this. Gosh! Episode 20 will surely be a bomb, can't wait to see President Do's downfall, I hate him sooooo much. This time, it's Master Kim sweetest revenge and comeback! More romantic scenes for the leads please. Fighting! <3

2 - I absolutely love this drama, but is there really only one episode left? How on earth are they going fit everything in that one episode?! And will we ever find out who Seo-jung's father is? I really hope the ending won't be dissapointing, since I loved everything up until here. I got really excited by the last scene, I hope director Do will be completely humiliated and destroyed by the great master Kim.

3 - I am ambivalent now, I can't wait for next week but I don't want it to come too because it's the last week of this gorgeous drama! the OR scenes are realistic and the staff have great camaraderie! I super love this drama! <3

4 - Gorl after watching kdramas for 5 years I have acquired the skill of binge watching a drama and finishing 20 eps in one day or when I'm really into it a few hours

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Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim EP 20 KDrama Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim Episode 20 Korean Drama

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