Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim EP 2


1 - I can't believe I'm saying this but this is waaaay better than Doctors. For one, they do CPRs in the right position and the plot is unpredictable which doesn't make this drama the typical hospital/romance drama. Also they don't drag out scenes for too long and this is only the second episode.

2 - This show is really good. I'm beginning to be a huge Seo Hyun Jin fan. Such a terrific actress. I always thought she had one of the most complex female characters (a flawed heroine in Another Ms. Oh) in a drama this year and she portrayed that role to perfection. Now she's off to another great start in this drama!

3 - I'm intrigued, at least. XD

On another note...what the heck is going on? Well, not that the plot is confusing. I just feel a bit dazed and caught off guard. Lol.

4 - I kind of feel the same as you. I really have enjoyed watching this drama so far, but it seems like everything is moving kind of fast, which I am not saying is a bad thing. It has already went from KDJ being a kid watching his father die in the ER, to being an intern, and now 5 years later he is a full fledged General Surgeon and all this in just two episodes. Can't wait to watch more episodes.

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