Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim EP 18


1 - The last 2 episodes were beyond INTENSE as in was clutching my chest and biting my nails kinda intense. I felt like I was in that op room with the doctors just WOW
Kim sabo is jjang

Can I just say that President Do needs someone to punch him to next week. I feel like he personally picks apart at every last damn nerve that I have leaving me wanting to rip him apart. GAAAAHHHHHDDDD he's annoying..

Anyways this drama rules

2 - my heart is beating so fast especially during the operation and the confrontation scene of President Do and Dr. Kim! I was nervous during the operation wishing it to go well and I was furious during the confrontation, I just wanna strangle President Do he's such an assbutt! ughhh

But thank gosh for those cute little scenes waahhh

3 - was anyone at the edge of the seat during the surgery??? My eyes were so glued to the screen!! It was so suspenseful!! I was so glad that the surgery was a success and it was done so perfectly!! DOLDAM HOSPITAL IS THE BEST!!

4 - Except for the "Awakening of the Chairman" which save every member of the Master Kim Team,  everything is awesome…oh, I mean every episode is AMAZING even the devilish move of the President Do.

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