Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim EP 17


1 - These no good doctors that are bent on destroying a good doctor to cover up their own misdeeds they don't care they are hurting the patients to the same repetitive cycle in K-med dramas.

2 - Okay, I already see where this is going. President's Do's son will probably end up liking the new intern. Although I can't understand what he's saying to her, it looks like he's chastising her for something. Who is he to chastise anyone? Here's a doctor who may have put someone's life on the line by lying and stating that he had performed the surgery before. After all was said and done he admitted to Dr. Kang that he only watched videos on the surgery and thought that would be enough to perform the surgery. Smh. So I don't think he's in a position to criticize anyone on work performance.

3 - I love to see Dong Joo and Im Beom working together! I think that Im Beom is actually a good person. He's just afraid of his father (who is an asshole that doesn't care of anything but money). I don't know why he's so irritated towards Yeon Hwa but somehow I ship them to end up liking each other LOL, but I ship her with Eun Taek too... Anyway this drama is so addicting!

4 - Im Beom is irritated towards Yeon Hwa because he told her to assist him but then Dr. Kang told her she will do it as she doesn't trust Im Beom and he got caught again with his lies by Dr. Kang. So now instead of blaming himself for lying, he is laying the fault at Yeon Hwa's door.

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