Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim EP 14


1 - I watched the first episode for 5 minutes but I decided not to continue... The very first scene, the guy is wearing doctor's white coat while riding a motorbike, which doesn't make any sense to me as a student doctor. It is the very basic thing, not to spread any infections and yet he's wearing it outside the hospital. But who knows, since I'm on holiday now, I might give it a try once again. =)

2 - Also, can I just say that I absolutely adore In Bum? He's like a true little bro to Seo Jung ❤

3 - i love him too! but i think he is naive, he is young so maybe that's why. He listen to his father about the surgery and i think that's why he said to Seo Jung about the collapsed DJ, to try to take her from the surgery team and because he cares about her too....
But I really enjoy watching him, he is so cute and lovely!! this is his first drama, i hope we will see him more in the future, his name is Yang Se Jong and he is born in 1992

4 - I am soooo in love with Dr. Kang in this ep. What'll I do to have a man lovingly gaze at me like he did to Dr. Yoon. Or have a pair of confident biceps wrap around my neck. (sigh)

He is so freaking sexy in the white tee. And his smile slays me...uhh!

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