Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim EP 13


1 - DJ saw her "dead fiance" with another woman (a nurse) who he was dating at the same time he was seeing her. So he was cheating on her when he proposed to her in the car before the accident. He didn't tell her because he didn't know she is feeling guilty or that he proposed to her I think

2 - with the " proposed" I think he knew, he saw the ring on her finger! But i think he didn't want to say anything to her because the guy was already dead...
I hope they clarify that scene, i think of it every time she reject him, because she feels guilty of his accident, because she didn't accept his ring because she had feeling for DJ

3 - Waouuuh... I really hope that it's not MERS !! So, fighting for all doctors especially Dr.kang!! Thanks Drama4U you're the best

4 - I can finally love dr.kang to the fullest.. it might sounded shallow but its hard not to hate him while loving him before, but today washed away my bitterness.

I hope junior is someone worthy, or it's just wishful thinking?

And master kim is as always, very charming. But i want to give my adoration to head nurse who is very sharp, beautiful and wise! I love her.

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