Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim EP 12


1 - Wuaaa finally kang dong joo made the right decision for once even though he needed the help from other characters, now I can wait patiently without any stress for next week

2 - Oh Yeah, every moment, every episode bursts mixed emotions to the characters here! Daebak! Every patient, situation there are lesson learned. I guess this drama is realization of real world, I mean the TRUTH SLAP! :(

*I love how the writer mixed emotions here, we cry, we get angry, we burst into a lot of emotions and most of all the romance is still there.. KUDOS Writer-nim! No wonder about the ratings,!

This scene is so classic! I love it! <3

3 - My heart left my body for awhile during watching this episode. Crying a damn waterfall while trying to watch it (As dramatic as it may seem but legit) I had to pause it just to gather my shit together. Cause the feels were 

This drama better be winning something at the awards or else.  but on the reals doe. This medical drama tops all other medical dramas out. YES! I'm saying it! Its better than GD, DOTS, EC(even dou jihyo is def the mains) & every other medical drama. This definitely takes it all.

Counting down the days till next week eps 

4 - Every ep is thrilling and exciting. I watch many medicals drama and this is one of the best.

Dr. kang see u next week

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