Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim EP 11


1 - The most annoying character here is Kang Dong Joo, the top notcher doesn't fit the way he decipher things around him. Makes me think that he is gullible.

2 - Director, Dr. Kim will bring you down just wait and see Along wait huhuhu... take care and GOD bless

Dr. Yoon likes butting in other people's business I find it not pleasant at all. Sometimes you don't have to ask everything and sometimes what people need is not an apology but space to take it all in. The only thing I liked is standing her ground with the mother. Although she acted out of impulse which might not always bring best results in real life...

3 - this drama is getting better each episode. I hope Dr. Kang Dong joo doesn't make the wrong choice and not let money and power get to him. He needs to stay with Master Kim.

4 - What would Dr Kim is a jerk he has done everything under his power to humiliate him. 

I get the take him down a notch but to less skill surgeon with major attitude problem so much so he punch other doctors he is pleasant to. 

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