Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim EP 10


1 - i feel the Chinese girl will come back and will announce she indeed practice medical stuffs

i hope she will i cause it;ll be weird she able to diagnose and able to do intubation just by observing heheheh

2 - Finally, we start to get some co-operation, and Dr. Kang has started to be redeemed from his 'superior-I'm-all-that' attitude, which is nice, cuz I was NOT liking him at all.  I was proud of him when he kept his mouth shut when told to 'assist' the a little humility never hurts the overblown egotist!..

For a tiny hospital they sure get their fill in the ER.  The ensemble cast is brilliantly put together, all very wonderful in their respective roles... yeah, I really like that part of this drama.

The Evil Dr. Dodo... yeah, well, he's a pain in the arse!... anyway... The Chairman peg him when he was telling Dr. Kim about the tactics he will use to try to bring him down!... I like the Chairman even though he looks really dangerous, but still, he's on Dr. Kim's side and I love that!

It feels like this drama has finally come into it's it finally got home! and feels so good.  Thanks writers.

3 - He best medical drama I've seen so far love this one and ik something was up with that chinese girl she was lying though

4 - Wow! Two thumbs up the story and all the  characters are great! this is the matter of life and death situation 

Heheh i enjoy watching this drama looking forward next episode thanks drama4u !!!

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Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim EP 10 KDrama Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim Episode 10 Korean Drama

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