Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim EP 1


1 - Hahaha first ep can almost pass as a movie XD I was surprised at how fast the plot was moving in this ep too

2 - omg, for reals, like this episode can just become a movie
by the way, i thought the boy, in the begging, was gonna be the main character :(
i thought he was cute
plus , so dramatic

3 - Oh my GOD! Bookmarked already! What a strong first episode. I love loVE LOVE the female lead! She's fearless and tough around the edges but very kind and sweet! My kinda gal. And the intern is a cutie, too. I like that he stands up for himself, though I can just tell it's gonna get him into trouble because of his history with hospitals (the flashback at the beginning of the epi). I'm getting many intense vibes. I can't wait to see how the story unfolds. I didn't expect much from a first episode, but oh boy, what an absolute treat!

I love medical dramas so much, and this one seems to have everything all in one. Romance, comedy, drama, kickass operating scenes, and a badass female lead! fkfhkasfksajdfkljasfksaf. I just hope it continues like that and doesn't flop halfway (like Doctors, for example).

4 - Omg this has to be the most interesting first episode I have seen in a while. As of recently I have been in a drama rut- all my favorite dramas have ended and the ones that didn't keep my interest I dropped. I have high hopes for this one though, every moment was interesting! I love the main actress and actor together. Can't wait for ep 2.

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