Pretty Li Hui Zhen

Original title 漂亮的李慧珍

Life’s many challenges can have a tremendous impact on your outward appearance. Li Hui Zhen (Dilmurat Dilraba) was a beauty in her younger years, but years of hardship on her family has taken a toll on her physical appearance. Her childhood friend Bai Hao Yu (Peter Sheng) experiences a reverse fortune and his dapper good looks in adulthood is an outward manifestation of his prosperity later in life.

Reviews movie Pretty Li Hui Zhen Chinese drama with Eng sub

1 - Also known as “Pretty Li Hui Zen,” She Was Pretty is an official remake of the Korean hit of the same name that aired on MBC in 2015. The original, starring Park Seo Joon, Hwang Jung Eum, and Choi Siwon was particularly successful in China, despite not airing concurrently due to some broadcasting issues. The new drama is a joint production between Bon Factory, the studio responsible for the original She Was Pretty, and the Chinese production company Jaywalk Studio, owned by actress Yang Mi (Fall in Love Like a Star, The Witness).

2 - I have curly hair and really upsets me how they portrayed the "ugly" girl just because of it, there's nothing wrong with her for goodness sake!

3 - Is it zheng peter the male lead here....im really excited for this cversion...hoping its gonna be like she was pretty...awesome

4 - If she's so distraught about her hair why does she wear it free like that? It's all over the place lol If she truly had a problem with it she'd wear it more discretely so as to not attract attention ...But it looks more like she's showing it off ....And the way she hides from her childhood friend who doesn't even know how she looks is neither realistic not funny...it's not even silly lol... too much overboard...looks like she's a retard or something...so pathetic ...When it actually has the potential to be funny and entertaining...O well I'll pass this one

Broadcast network: Chinese
Main Cast:
Peter Sheng Peter

Dilraba Dilmurat

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