Hwarang: The Beginning EP 9


1 - My thoughts on this episode:

1. Of course I am going to focus on Ban-Ryu since he stands out the most for me right now. I love how he plays along with Soo Yoo and does not tell Soo Ho anything. His willingness to give into her and keep her mistake hidden is a clear indicator of how he is interested in her. Not to mention, that smile when he reads a letter - it is similar to a modern boy smiling while receiving a girlfriend's text.

2. Ban Ryu again. This episode gave us another insight as to why he is as cold as he is. I felt so sad for him when he stood up when his father(?) said he wanted to talk to a certain Hwarang and it wasn't it.

3. I felt for Ah-Ra when she said that she wants Sun Woo to be her brother and not be her brother too. If he is not her brother, she will lose that protective warmth he has given her and she wouldn't know what to do without that familiarity. But if he is her brother, it would be wrong to have those feelings she is having - as it is clear that she is falling for him.

4. The king is cute as he tries to win her over. He is not obsessed over her "half-breed" status and I am glad he is standing up to his mother now. I also felt proud of him when he won that fight - like, go king!!!

5. I want Han Sung to have more scenes - at least give his a character a reason to be in this drama instead of just being eye-candy


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