Hwarang: The Beginning EP 8


1 - I have this feeling that I'm going to love her with Dog Bird too, when the time comes, and we all know they're ending up together, but the king is just so ajdaklshdkjalsl *dies*

And even though they have only been in the same place (in the drama) for five seconds at most, I ship Ban Ryu with Soo Ho's sister. I know, I KNOW, we all ship Ban Ryu and Soo Ho. I ship them in my heart, but within the Hwarang world I want him to end up with her :P

And Tae Tae slaying my life with his cuteness though....I can't get enough of this

2 - I like the chemistry among the casts <3
I have to admit. Personally in BTS i like Taetae as well <3 But reading nonstop comments abut how cute he is and how adorable he looks is getting kinda annoying.. T.T like comment about the drama and yes once in a while about his cuteness... Discussion of the drama is what made commenting fun for me.. Just reading how cuter he is or how good his acting was in short scenes that not even 5 mins long is abit...

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