Hwarang: The Beginning EP 7


1 - I really like Park Hyung Sik (the second lead here ( the king)). In other dramas like heirs, he was so funny and cute, but I like how manly he is in this one and I like what he does with his eyes. lol he low key reminds me of Wang So, maybe its becos he's lonely and really hot.
But I really like his eyes, I hope he has a happy ending.

I find Ban Ryu so hot! All of them are all beautiful but Ban Ryu has such a beautiful manly face, I can't help but fall for him. I should be falling for dogbird, sorry Seo Joon oppa, Ban Ryu is just so hot lol.

Maybe dogbird is also a True Bone? I can't help but think of GD whenever they mention Ji Dwi lol.

2 - i hope they introduce another female character for the king to fall in love with !!! maybe dog-bird is the king's half brother. i feel like the writers wouldn't make him as master ji ahn's son when the queen was betrothed to him (so that ahro and him are actually related)

3 - I feel so bad for the King :( I really wish he was the main character and ended up with the female lead in the end!! even though i like the sun woo and ah ro, I always find myself searching for the other characters!! This drama is so interesting and fun to watch *_* <3

4 - For the first time I'm watching a drama where I'm more interested in the guy and the fighting etc... instead of the romance. I hope it doesn't go on to focusing too much on romance. I would rather see the fights and progress of hwarang and The bone-rank system.

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