Hwarang: The Beginning EP 6


1 - I actually am more interested in the politics than the love story. I mean, I genuinely just want to know what will happen to Silla, what will Dog-Bird do, what about the king and the Hwarang? The romantic scenes are just fillers for me :p

thats me with every drama. im very aromantic. i love the eye candy (tbh main reason im here) but the political stuff is way more attractive than the romance to me.

2 - Everyone is just talking about the male actors in here i know they are handsome and eye candies i also looooove them >.< BUT never once someone mentioned about Go Ara her acting is amazing she also got skills and IS BEAUTIFUL she is so underrated >.< Go Ara fightiiiing<3

3 - This drama is giving me so much feels i just can't ;-;
The football scene was so funny and embarassing at the same time hahahahhaa
Is it only me or did it take a while to realise that gae sae scored the goal in the wrong place, i was actually celebrating the goal with him for like 2 seconds before damn reality dawned HAHAHAHAHA
overall this episode was just too good *insert dreamy face*

4 - I'm deadass siiick and that scene of them in the  shower Gave me Life  :V   I'm TaeTae whenever I hear my alarm in the mornng tbh XD 

And seriouslyy someone should make  those 2 hours videos of ji Dwi talking ..omg the way he talks and hiis voicee  is just AHSDJDKSLKJK  .. do not get me started with the kiss  omfg second lead syndrom is deffinitely striking again .. but I also ship the orabonii with her ..and there is the oraboni-Ji Dwi ship too *bromance<3 *... like wtf im in a mess ..I dont even know anymore TT 

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Hwarang The Beginning EP 6 KDrama Hwarang The Beginning Episode 6 Korean Drama

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