Hwarang: The Beginning EP 5


1 - people actually fall for the second lead? not sure tbh don't think i can relate to you guys
i've been eyeing park seo joon since the beginning of this drama. god he's so hot. <3
i barely look at other characters lmao hopefully he doesn't end up dying.......

2 - I actually like Hyungsik's character most here...But, can't help to fall to Park Seo Joon's character here, His stare and his charm omggg.... and even thou I like PHS's role more, I prefer PSJ's role end up with Go Ara's role <3 <3 <3

3 - OMGG the shower scene is next episode omg
Lol I was remembering the interview they did and they addressed the tied-to-the-post scene xD Tae complaining he wanted water, and once they splashed water on him Blood Sweat and Tears started playing x'D "wonhae manhi manhi" and then the director kept splashing water on Minho on purpose LOL

I'm so happy that Tae came back and actually spoke again ahh, can't wait to see more of him!!! 

4 - The King looked relieved when he found out Dog Bird and Ahro are "siblings" but he's still jealous somehow. lol And when he kept trying to whistle to call his bodyguard...I died from it, it was hilarious!! I also loved how Dog Bird got the King to carry him at the end.  And! Banryu is in love! The way he looked at Sooho's sister 

*now the Hwarang are officially introduced let's enjoy the show!!!

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