Hwarang: The Beginning EP 3


1 - I hate that Kwang Soo's character ended so soon. He was boosting so much about his sister. How much he have missed his family. The bromance was good too, he will even going to give his sister to "Dong-Bird"...that's only shows how much he like him, and i would love to see them together till the end..

*despite the sadness we feel after loosing Kwang Soo, let's enjoy watching the amazingnes of "Han Sung-Rang"

2 - It's been long time I like this, cry a lot when watching drama, oh my,, when kwang soo caracter died, I was like  kwang soo aaah.. Jebal sara juseyo

3 - Omo omo omo

The drama looks great. Proud of all the actors, ESP my taetae.

But. Aside from that, I love the plot line already and the intensity of the drama. Absolutely can't wait for more ^^

4 - I'm excited to watch the next episode! Especially because Taehyung is there. He made this drama even more exciting, for my point of view tho ♥

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