Hwarang: The Beginning EP 2


1 - Finally hereeee!!
Now I'll just wait for subs (that's if I can stay patient lol)
I missed Go Ara! And Seo Joon too!
Since I like all the other actors and actresses it is most likely that I will love this drama xD

2 - OMG i'm really looking forward to this. they are all such amazing actors. Finally our tae tae is debuting as an actor. My baby is all grown up T . T

3 - So excited for Minho's character, he looks to good, especially since he's dressed in SHINee's color!!
also of course 91' line Hyungsik & Minho interactions~!

4 - I like the headlock scene. How he pauses, and he's like 'oh. Um. Wait. I don't think I do this? Maybe I shouldn't?' and does that thing to her hair, and awkwardly leaves.
Although also, if some guy did that to me whom I was not extreeeemellllyyyy close to, I'd probably beat his arse.
This is probably a double standard of mine? >.<

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