Hwarang: The Beginning EP 1


1 - OMO I thought this was actually the first ep...this makes me extra hyped for the real deal !

Too many beautiful men on screen my baby Taehyung and Minho though I am sooo ready for this to air

Omg I serioussllyyyyyy loveeedddd Ahn Yo Na and Perry Park! They were like the bright characters in the drama - defo brought the mood up! And I like Shin Se Gi too....That gif is my favvvvvvv scene in the drama hahahah

2 - Wow, finally our Tae officially debuted as an actor! ^^
I'm really looking forward to this drama! Seeing actors and actress doing all the stuff themself instead of stand-in is really unique and charisma of this drama. Seeing all of them having fun and having a great atmospher is great sign that they have a great teamwork.
Literally this drama reminds me of BTS. Story, directing, acting all seems on point by seeing this episode. Hardwork, teamwork makes dreamwork! I'm sure this drama will be hit and will be my jam

3 - I got disappointed at first that it wasn't the first ep(damn dramacool you made me have high expectations for 5 seconds)but still I enjoyed watching this sorta of preview of Hwarang...now even more curious to watch itXD

4 - 2 baby oppas out of six....well...for sure they will grow up after 16 episodes..good luck to all of us,may we have enjoyable viewing...I will just enjoy all the boys..the girl lead is too old for anyone but she is still pretty..she is from the first reply series ....

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