Goblin EP 13


1 - I literally got goosebumps while watching this episode. I think this episode has been what we all have been waiting for because of the following reasons. (By the way don't read it if you haven't watched this episode already).

1. Deok-Hwa, who has always been a silly, childish person with a very minor role has revealed a different side. I swooned as he was shown dramatically to be someone so different.

2. The kiss that rivals the one of goblin's. To be honest - for me, this kiss was better. It was more emotional and heartbreaking. I was crying as memories rushed in for Sunny. My heart ached for the grim reaper who knows he doesn't deserve her and the young queen who loved the king a lot but could not give up her brother.

3. The machinations of the evil ghost, Park Joong Won. The temperature dropped in the room and I had to hold my breath wondering what he would do. What I can't understand is, why is he just a ghost? His crimes were worse than the king's. So why is he not a grim reaper? Or are there different conditions.

4. The sibling love between Sunny and the goblin. I cried again (this was a very teary episode) as they reunited.

5. And the last scene - I have wondered this from the very minute the young king was introduced. What would Kim Shin do? Will he forgive him? Or will he really implement his "eye for an eye" philosophy?

If you have read all of this, I am pretty impressed because my comment is super long. *miyanae* and *gomawo


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