Descendants of the Sun

Title: 태양의 후예 / Descendants of the Sun
Chinese Title: 太陽的後裔
Genre: Melodrama, Romance
Episodes: 16 + 3 Special Episode


This drama was fully pre-produced before airing which is a departure from the live-shoot production format that characterizes most Korean dramas.

Reviews movie Descendants of the Sun Korean Drama Eng sub

1 - wow!I'll admit i am one of your ''fans'' too, as in i have been taking your recommendations under serious consideration.But judging from your really insightful observations on several dramas i would have sworn you were older than that!Seriously, you should consider writing a blog or movie reviews or something.Keep up the good work.We rely on you and dramabeans to save us from awful dramas :PP

2 - SENPAI!!!!!! can you recommend me other Korean drama to watch!!..cause after i watched this.....i didnt feel like watching any other !!! cause this is soooooo daayym good!!

Ahh my favourite dramas are on the comment section of Oh My Ghost available on kissasian! But there really is nothing that can compare to this drama :-)
I would recommend You Who Came From the Star (2014) or She Was Pretty (2015) the most worldwide known from the previous years

3 - GAH Song Hye Ko sooo so pretty. And Joong Ki! Back from the military! I am so gonna love watching his trained body wowowow.

Too bad I have to wait for a few weeks

This is the culprit.

Korean Drama have been broadcast here in the Philippines since more than 10 years ago, i think. KPop is also a craze. And the closest thing I have been into these things is because i loved the adorable cheekiness of Song Hye Kyo in Full House (which i still didnt watch religiously because it was aired everynight here in PH and commitment to such is not my thing back then, plus it was dubbed into tagalog and anything tagalized simply annoys me)

but a few months ago, i caught of glimpse of this drama at the local channel. and BAM! its like the first puff of that addicting cigarette with flavor which did not make me cough.

i still hate tagalized (Tagalog translated) anything (may it be drama of movie) and opted to find the series online, sub titled. id rather strain my eyes staring at these eye candies while trying to read as fast as i could rather than hear the poorly delivered and translated tagalog lines which most of the times does not convey the emotions the actors worked hard for.

from then on, my addiction started

4 - So has anyone listened to SHINee Taemin's soldier? it fits as an OST for this drama, anyway that's by the side. Song Joong Ki is so smooth in this one, so much chemistry oozing between the leads, I usually don't like to watch a drama if there aren't up to 8 episodes released but I couldn't wait for this one now I'm stuck and I hate waiting. I'm loving this but at the same time I get this feeling that someone is going to die in the end (Seo Dae Young)...please writers, prove me wrong.

Broadcast network: KBS 2

Main Cast:

Song Joong Ki as Capt. Yoo Shi Jin
Song Hye Kyo as Dr. Kang Mo Yun
Jin Goo as Senior Seo Dae Young
Kim Ji Won as Surgeon Yoon Myung Joo
Kang Shin Il as Lieutenant General Yoon (Myung Joo’s father)

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