Choco Bank EP 5


1 - The camera guy is extremely shaky in this episode. Either they're trying to make it "artistic" or just a guy who has a very shaky hands....Very irritating.

2 - Kai really got put together with some good actors. The cheesy parts are kinda awkwardly delivered but he manages to play off his mom's acting really well. It's fun because whether I want to be drawn into it or not, I find myself paying more attention to Kai than the others, not for his celebrity, but because in the short episode spans he goes in and out of character often... one moment he's really feeling it, then the next moment he has this adroit sort of stone face, then the next moment he looks like he is forcing his emotions. It's just so interesting to watch. Definitely shows that this is a showcase webdrama to debut Kai as an actor. I remember D.O.s debut in It's Okay, That's Love and I never questioned his acting. Kai looks like he has it in him but he needs to work on not needing someone else to pull him into the zone and try to spark it from within. He'll do good if he can focus like that.

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