Choco Bank EP 3


1-  'Why do you have to be so damn attractive?' I feel you! xD
And and best episode so far! Have to say the girl is a great actress!

2 - I cringed at the comments to the ajummas. Why does it feel like Kai has to think about how to act like he has struggled in life? It's like he is thinking how he should make his facial expressions look.. it's like delayed reaction. lol... I think he must have come from a pretty privileged background, or at least that's the vibe I get from him.

3 - The little boy look more like a little kai.
Why are short dramas so much better than regular length dramas? They leave you wanting more.

4 - OMG KAI *___* DAMNNNN how can you be so attractive??????? I feel that man...Gosh Kai in suit....HE IS SO DAMN HOT . Like I don't even read a sub bc I need to look at him every sec and his voice is just ahhh


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