Baek Hee Has Returned

Title: 백희가 돌아왔다 / Baek Hee Has Returned
Chinese Title: 白熙回來了
Also Known as: Baek Hee is Back
Genre: Family, Melodrama, Comedy
Episodes: 4


Upon a chance meeting at a neighborhood photo studio, Yoo So Ra (Na Hae Ryung) and Kang Yoo Chan (Lee Joo Seung) develop a picture-perfect romance with the help of a magical camera that can freeze time.

Reviews movie Baek Hee Has Returned Korean Drama Eng sub online

1 - Really good, comical drama. I wait patiently each week for each episode. i like this drama because it not back stabbing and trying to destroy a each other. It's simple, refreshing and funny as hell. Oh and Kim Sung Oh is one of my favorite actors that is soo underrated. He does not get his props with his handsome self.

2 - So sad this was only 4 episodes, I thought it was progressing quite
quickly but I dismissed it now I'm sad it's over!!!!!! It was great,
episode 3 and 4 man. Just ugh, so good.

3 - So... I read and saw that my ULTIMATE BIAS WRECKER, Kim Sung Oh, is not only in this but has finally gotten one of the LEAD ROLES in this.... Ha! *Starts pushing things out of his way like the HULK* Now excuse me while I get very, very comfortable to be able to gaze into that honey/hazel eyes of his to mesmerize me to heaven....

/...And yes, I did say that... Kim Sung Oh is one of the few that can make me love the same gender [turn me gay, I mean]... And I am not ashamed to admit it... I mean that man has eyes of the stars and a body of a greek god... Who would NOT turn gay for that?! AND then to add in his TALENT...?! Woah! *Fans self*/

[Just realized that this turned into a fan worship comment... Lol... Sorry but not sorry] Now only wished it was more than 4 episodes... *Sigh* Why is it always the good ones with talent that gets shortened...? *Sigh*

4 -  Haha... Oh noo! I am not a 40 year old man! I am in my early 20's - not even half way to my late 20's yet... So yea, in a sense I am an older teenager.... Actually very surprised that you said that because that is how I have been described.. Haha... Some times to mature to be an adult but yet at the same time my exuberance and enthusiasm makes me too young to be an adult... Haha... /Although where I got exuberance from when I am always head over heels [?] for my dramas is somewhat surprising... I think they are mistaking me for someone else, I swear... Smh/

Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2016-Jun-06 to 2016-Jun-14
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 22:00

Main Cast:
Kang Ye Won as Yang Baek Hee
Jin Ji Hee as Shin Ok Hee
Kim Sung Oh as Woo Bum Ryong
Choi Dae Chul as Cha Jong Myung
In Gyo Jin as Hong Doo Shik

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